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Connectivity: USB
Color: Blue
Special Feature: Round Key
Package Size: 43.51 x 13 x 2.48 cm
Weight: 0.94 kg.

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– Each one is designed with multicolor to help you be distinctive in the office.
– You would find every key has a reflection on the keyboard pad, just do not forget to keep it clean.
– Insert the USB receiver, then you can use this keyboard, it supports Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10 and Mac.
– Easy to be cleaned with removable keycaps. 2.4GHz stable and better wireless connect technology.
– Package Dimensions: 43.51 x 13 x 2.48 cm, 0.94 kg.


  1. Jamie M. Grey

    When I initially received the product, the keyboard did not work although the mouse worked great. I contacted the seller and they quickly shipped me a new set. It works great! The set up is very easy and the mouse and keyboard work quickly once the dongle is connected.

  2. Rosemary M.

    I have been wanting this keyboard for months, finally I bought it. The color is great, the fell i of the keyboard is really good. The one thing I don’t like is the space bar. The space bar is harder to make work because you HAVE to hit it right in the middle. If you hit it on the side corners it just tilts some since it’s like suspended by two buttons I guess you can call them. But besides that I love it. I might purchase another with a different space bar.

  3. SWE

    A great gift and made my granddaughter very happy

  4. SSylvia

    I tried 2 different Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combos, both costing significantly more than this one and both were a huge disappointment! The lag when typing was terrible, to the point I’d wonder if my laptop had crashed! And the mouse would sometimes just fly across my monitors when I’d barely moved it. (Not to mention they felt so cheaply made and the keys klunked really loudly when typing.) I decided to give this one a try and I’m SO glad I did! Not a SINGLE issue with either the keyboard or mouse. Both have worked perfectly since day 1! The keys are sort of large so at first I would sometimes hit more than 1 when typing really quickly, but that’s no longer an issue now that I’m used to it. Plus, it’s super cute. No regrets with this purchase and I highly recommend.

  5. Jennifer

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     I really love this keyboard ! It’s so darn cute. I swear I look forward to working to start typing lol super silly of me but seriously such a cute keyboard and the price is amazing for such a great quality product !

  6. Debi D.

    I bought this keyboard for my desk at work, after buying a standing desk item. I’ve never had a wireless keyboard. This one being blue, is my favorite color!!! It’s really pretty and stands out on my desk. Keys are pretty quiet, but not silent. I really like the round keys pads. Looks good and works well. My coworker bought one too after seeing mine…..the fact that it came with a mouse as well, made it a better deal. And, it only took 2 AA batteries and I was ready to to….connected right away. My keyboards all have a tendency to lose the letters and numbers, etc. on the keys….hoping this one will be different. Didn’t see any keyboard skins that would accommodate the round key pads….fingers crossed!!

  7. Natalie Luhman

    Saw a lady on TikTok with this keyboard. I was sick of the cords all over & had a new home office to setup. I love the keys on this & that the keyboard & mouse use the same USB dongle. This is my first wireless keyboard and mouse, I’ve had it a month & love it! Haven’t had to change batteries yet, so not sure how long they last.

  8. Letrica Y. Wagner

    It reminds me of my high school typing class. If you have long nails, this product will help to maximize your accuracy.

  9. Kim Korab

    As expected.

  10. Celines

    This keyboard it’s beautiful I love the color and it feels good quality

  11. Bliss Garza

    I love this keyboard, ordered it to take a typing class. This has greatly helped me. Love the sound of typing with this keyboard. It’s a bonus to receive a matching mouse with it. Definitely recommend and for the price.. can’t beat it.

  12. Jianya Zheng

    A beautiful and stylish multifunctional Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. The color is beautiful, the hand feels good, the sensitivity is high, and the resilience is strong. Typing is like playing the piano, which is great! I love so much!

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